Saturday, July 5, 2008

As White as Snow

Today we went to the Great Lake in the Central Highlands to catch some snow. it was only about 30mins drive away up through Exton and then through Golden Valley. The kids had a ball playing in the snow and throwing snowballs. I must admit I have never been to that part of Tassie before and I got to appreciate our rugged wilderness that I generally take for granted.

Simon spoilt me by letting me wear his Search and Rescue gloves. They were so toasty and did not even get one bit wet. I didn't really want to come to the snow, even with the extra padding I now have. My first reaction was, "do I have to get out of the car?" but then we walked the boardwalk down to the Great Lake and the lake was completely iced over and the view was magnificent. Simon of course walked out on the iced-covered lake and I had visions of him falling through the ice and then he let the kids out on it a bit and pushed them around on their bottoms so they could go for a slide.

Standing on the Great Lake

Simon broke some ice off from the lake and this is how thick it was

The mist starting to set
When we got back to the car I took Oliver's boots and trousers off and inside his boot was this huge block of snow. It was right on his skin. He must have been so cold but never said anything. Our thermos of milo soon warmed them up and then we did the obligatory stack the car with snow to see how close to home we could get before it all melted. By 3pm they were in the bath and then pjs, not moving from the fire after that. At least we wore them out and had a quiet afternoon.

The snow was getting a bit deep for Hallie's short legs


lisa w said...

It looks like the kids had fun. I'm with you in the "Do I have to get out of the car" but once I do I'm right. The photos are beautiful

make it perfect said...

oooh, just looking at those photos is sending shivers down my spine! it really was freezing today. note to self: take oscar to the snow this year, i don't think he has been yet :) poor little oliver, hope he didn't get frostbite!!!

The Kings said...

Last year we had a disastrous trip to the snow as our van wouldn't make it. Do you need a 4 wheel drive or snow chains to go there? Would love to take the boys to the snow, but want it somewhere quick and easy this time.

Sayers Family said...

Looks like heaps of fun for the kids, even though it would have been freezing. we're taking eli to Mt wellington this weekend when we're in hobart-i've been waiting to do it so I'm excited especially after seeing your pics.

Jack Prebble said...

when i was t that age i was standing stil shivering wanting to go home! :P.... i love the laxt photo... an appropraite caption would simply state "Lost..."


Simone Triffitt said...

HA! love it Jack. That would be so fitting. Sarra would freak if she thought she was lost.

Collette said...

That looks awesome...i've never been there when it's winter!