Sunday, December 15, 2013

Westbury Show

Every year the kids have a ball at the Westbury Show and this year on the 9th of November was no exception. We had a big day with lots of things on, including a fishing activity in the morning with the kids from church and an engagement party in the afternoon. In the middle we fitted in going to the Westbury Show.

Hallie was in the band performance playing her trumpet.

After Hallie's performance we walked around the show looking at the animals and going on some rides. The Westbury Show is much smaller and quieter than the Launceston Show and that's why we like it.

We were very pleasantly surprised to see that each of our kids had won first prize in their  competition entries. 

The kids loved looking at the old farm machinery too.

We were even entertained by Elvis which was quite fun to watch.

Hallie was allowed to stay with some of her friends for awhile and her teacher Miss Woolley took some photos of her on the mechanical bull. She said it was so hard to stay on.

It was also nice to see the kids be recognised at school for coming first in their artwork. Definitely not a talent inherited from their Mum. 

(thanks to Miss Woolley for taking these photos)

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