Thursday, December 19, 2013

Last day of school for 2013

Today was the last day of school for my three munchkins in primary school.
They have had such a great year learning lots and getting involved in so many things. They are really good kids and always polite and respectful to their teachers and friendly to everyone.

Hallie especially loved her teacher this year, Anna Woolley who we worked out is distantly related to Hallie. Miss Woolley's grandmother is cousins with Hallie's great grandmother, Sheila Triffitt (nee Woolley) so it is always a small world, especially down here in Tas.

We will very much miss Miss Woolley and wish her all the best at her new school next year. We will be jealous of the kids who get to have her.

Oliver too had a great year enjoying his time with Mr Trotman who we are fortunate to have next year teaching Hallie's class so I am really happy to have a great teacher once again. I think Oliver loved Mr Trotman so much because reward time included a choice of computer time on Minecraft.  Ollie's teacher is coming from Exeter next year, Angela Ellston, so that will be lovely for him to get to know someone new.

Jonty has had an amazing year in kinder with his teacher aide Jenni Rixon and kinder teacher Kim Riley. They have really fostered an interest in learning for Jonty and helped him increase his self-confidence. I can't believe that next year Jonty will be at school five days. I will miss my little man who comes out with the funniest of sayings. I love that Mrs Riley taught them the word 'sensible' as now whenever we are out Jonty says, 'if I am sensible can we go to Maccas'. 

Next year Jonty is going into the kinder/prep with Mrs Riley and Mrs Neal who is coming back off maternity leave. Mrs Neal taught both Hallie and Oliver in kinder and Jonty for pre-kinder and we even went to her wedding as the kids love her so much. So Jonty will have the best of both worlds, having Mrs Riley again and one of our favourites back in Mrs Neal.

These are the pressies we made for our teachers this year. I got the idea from a Relief Society activity in East ward a few years ago and they have been a hit. SImon cuts the template for me out of mdf wood and then I spray paint them and flick white paint on them with a toothbrush and finally hot gluing a star on the top.

To finish off the last day of school, Hallie's class went down to the village green to play some games and the parents were invited to come and participate.

It was lovely and cool under the shade of the big old trees and a perfect way to finish off such a great year of school.

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