Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jayme's mission farewell {Japan}

On the 1st of December, Jayme held a mission farewell party at his house. It was lovely to see many people come to wish him well, including school friends that he has known for years. It only seemed like yesterday he got his mission call and now he was going.

It looked like too that the goats were a great source of entertainment. ;)

Jayme gave a short speech and thanked everyone for coming. Two years in another country may seem like a long time but it will go fast and I know he will have many wonderful and amazing experiences as he learns about the Japanese culture and its people.

Love Joe's t-shirt.

The following Sunday (8th) was the day before Jayme was leaving and it just happened to be his 19th birthday so we got together once again, just family this time and had a final family birthday dinner with Jayme.

Loving the photo bomb.

After tea President Prebble came around to set Jayme apart as a full-time missionary for our church. He had one last hug from his girlfriend Jennadene. (no girl-hugging as a missionary (other than family)) ;)

There were lots of happy tears and emotions.

Jayme's good friend Jackson was there too and this would have been a great shot if Jackson's eyes were open. Lol.

The next morning (9th) we all met at the airport to see Jayme off. He will spend 2 months at the Provo MTC, learning Japanese and receiving religious instruction, before heading off to Fukuoka, Japan for the remainder of the two years, coming back home December 2015.

That's better Jackson. :)

It was so nice to see so many friends there to see Jayme off, a testament to what a great friend he is, always making everyone feel important and never letting anyone feel left out. His wit and humour was always the life of the party and I know it is going to be very different at family gatherings now without him making us laugh about something.

Jayme with his immediate family. Already my sister Lisa says how much smaller their family seems now... until he gets back land cooks us some awesome Japanese food that is. ;)

All the cousins except for Bastian.

All too soon the call for the plane came over the loud speaker and it was time to say goodbye.

Our family went through security down to the gate to say our last goodbyes for 2 years.

A handshake from Jennadene. :)

Collette filmed him going out to the plane.

The big wave before he boarded.

Watching the plane take-off.

There were so many mixed emotions watching the plane take off. Knowledge and reassurance that Jayme is doing the most amazing service, as he fully gives of himself over the next two years. The life lessons he will learn about love, respect, selflessness, faith, motivation, hard work to name a few will hold him in good stead for the rest of his life.

Soon Jennadene, Jayme's girlfriend will leave for her mission to Temple Square in Utah.
You can view her blog here as she prepares to go in three short months. She will get home just 3 months before Jayme. We will miss her too.
My sister has also set up a blog for Jayme while he is away so people can read his emails and see some photos. (he is allowed to email once a week on his P day (kinda like a day off). 

My Mum is also going to serve a mission for our church. 

She leaves on May the 2nd to go to the Family History Centre in Salt Lake, the largest genealogical library in the world. Here she will be working to help people all around the world research and find their ancestors. How awesome will that be. 

(family history centre in Salt Lake City)

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