Saturday, December 21, 2013

Advent Pageant

On the 29th of November, Westbury PS had their annual advent pageant.The kinders started the performances off once the parade had finished, representing countries from around the world.

Jonty looked so cute in his little Dutch outfit. We wanted to pick Holland straightaway with Simon's grandparents coming out to settle in Tasmania in 1951.

He looks a little Village People like with his leather cap on that I don't think is Dutch but he wanted to wear it so we let him.

Hallie's teacher Miss Woolley took photos of the kids during the parade because I was with Hallie at the Cressy swim meet.

I loved watching the performances. Over the year Jonty has lost some of his self-consciousness and actually participates a bit better, rather than standing there stubbornly like he did during the performing arts assembly, not wanting to give his dane a go. It was so funny to watch his peers dancing around the room while Jonty stood rooted to the spot with a frown on his face.

Oliver's class did a musical item from Russia and also told about how Mexico celebrates Christmas.

We love watching the Advent Pageant each year and seeing the kids get involved.

This is the first Christmas pageant we went to that I recorded back in 2007, where Hallie made it in the paper.

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