Monday, December 16, 2013

School Swim carnivals

Earlier in the term, the school held their annual swim carnival at Deloraine PS. Hallie came first in all her races and two weeks later on the 29th of November, headed off to Cressy for the Northern Midlands swim meet.

Not happy that once again he has to sit on the sidelines.... again.

The swim carnival is just for grades 3-6 but because Oliver is in a 2/3, he got to come along and help out.

Head in a book as usual. 

At Cressy, the pool is outside so even though it was sunny, the water was still cold and there was a bit of a breeze up. It was the same day as our school's advent pageant so I rushed over to Cressy, took some quick photos of Hallie's races and rushed back for the advent pageant.

 Hallie got a fourth in the freestyle, a third in the backstroke and a first in the breaststroke and then a third in the breaststroke final.

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