Sunday, December 22, 2013

So You Think You Can Dance - Westbury PS disco

During the last week of school, Jonty got to attend his first school disco. At first he was all shy and just wanted to sit with me but when I asked him to dance with Flynn and I, he got up and then the moves started and for the next two hours he did not sit down once. It was so funny getting some of his moves on video!

Hallie and Ollie also had a great time hanging out with their friends. All of Hallie's school mates that she was really close to have now left Westbury, having moved away or gone into schools in Launceston. She had four really close girlfriends that she still catches up with in the holidays.
But Hallie takes it all in her stride and has some good boys as friends that she will continue to hang out with next year in grade 5.

Ollie is definitely a little groover and has quite a good rhythm going when he dances.

Flynn was happy just to run around dancing with anyone that would stop and take notice of him.

It was so fun to watch the kids have some fun and relax after a good year of working hard at school.

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