Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodbye Langkawi - goodbye holiday

Day 27 - Monday October 8.

On our last morning here I had one last early morning quiet time on the beach with Flynn. 

I wanted to take as many photos as possible as I knew that with all the places in the world to possibly visit, we wouldn't be coming back again, purely because there are so many other places to explore in south-east Asia and that if we had the opportunity to travel again, I would go there first rather than revisiting a place I had already seen.

While on the beach I had plenty of time to reflect on the significance of the day. It was the 8th of October, exactly one year since my good friends Lisa and Aaron had lost their beautiful son Noah who was also very dear to me. He taught me more lessons in his ten short years than I will ever learn even if I live to 100. It was also especially sad because I knew my beautiful friend Lisa was having to remember the day without her best friend by her side. Aaron was the one person who would understand and heal her the most, the only other person who loved Noah and knew him as much as her.

I remember that we were in Bridport a year ago and on the day Noah left this earth, I wrote in the sand and even though the same day, a year later the beach I was on, was thousands of miles away, I hoped that Noah could see my message once again and radiate some love from me back to his Mum from this other part of the world.

We had one last amazing buffet breakfast at the resort. We were already lamenting about going back to weet-bix and vegemite on toast.

It had been so fun with no responsibilities, deciding what we would do at the beginning of each day with no set routine or rush to be anywhere.

Mum and I and Flynn went down to the beach and it started to rain and Flynn loved running around in it.

It didn't take long for the sun to come back out.

This is the fountain at the front of the resort where we waited for our taxi to come and take us to the airport.

We loaded all our luggage into the golf cart and said goodbye to our beautiful apartment.

We kept seeing planes fly overhead as they came in and out every hour and I kept thinking that the time had gone too fast and wishing that we had a few more days on our island paradise.

One last walk through the main foyer of the resort after settling our bill.

And so now we come full-circle back to my first post when we got home, on Tuesday October the 9th.

It was an amazing holiday, an amazing journey of discovery, of self-discovery as well as new cultures, a greater awareness of the world, a deeper sense of appreciation. But most of all it was a real privilege, a real privilege to have had that opportunity to make so many wonderful, never to be forgotten memories with my family...  my husband, my kids and my Mum.

Oh and finally thanks Mum for putting up with our noisy lot 24/7. We love you heaps. And seriously, thankyou Mum from the bottom of my heart for helping make this holiday a reality for us all.

Where to next - I wonder if anyone has taken 5 kids on the Great wall of China. ;)


Wheeler Team said...

Definitely loved this tropical island paradise the best out of your whole trip & it sounds like you guys did too. What great memories! It's great you took so many pics as the kids try & remember it in years to come. What a wonderful opportunity!

Anonymous said...

It would have been so sad to leave such a beautiful place.
Flynn reminds me of a little sumo wrestler.
Loved all the blogs on your holiday, Very sad there are no more to read about.
Love Lorraine.