Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"We don't want to leave Mum"

Day  23 - Thursday October 4

the beach at sunrise.

Flynn woke up early every morning and actually started sleeping alot better than any other time on our holiday. Because he slept better during the night I didn't mind as much the early mornings and Simon and I would take turns taking him down to the beach so as not to wake anyone else.

It makes it so much easier to get up early when the sun is coming up and it's not cold like our Tassie winters are.

There was nothing better than starting the day off like this, with the air warm but not too hot and the quietness and peacefulness of the beach with out the day noise of jet skies and parasailing.

The sun peaking its way through the palm trees, on its way up for the day. It only rained once or twice for the whole week and only for a few hours and it was quite warm so we didn't mind at all getting wet.

One lesson we did learn was to not forget to put sunscreen on. Just because we weren't in the hot Australian sun, didn't mean we wouldn't get burnt. I was pretty impressed with us all that we had slapped on the sunscreen everyday and no-one was sunburnt, until I caught a glimpse of Oliver's ears that had missed the sunscreen and had huge blisters on each one, from the sunburn. It was so gross.

The heat also made Flynn's usually straightish hair go quite curly. It looked very cute.

We would hang our bathers over the balcony to dry and within half an hour they were ready to be worn again.

The resort was so spacious that the employees rode around in gold carts and when we checked in they drove us and our luggage to our rooms.

It had beautiful grounds and trees kept so well by the staff, all nestled in around our rooms, with the beautiful beach within a rock's throw away, through the trees.

Of course this was a complete contrast to out on the street which was a bit more busy and noisy.

But the streets were where we did things other than shopping like treat the kids to a massage which they still remember and giggle about.

Oh what a life.

And a haircut of all things as Flynn and Jonty's hair was getting quite long and I thought it would help with the heat if their hair was shorter. I don't think Flynn had ever had a blowdry before. :)

I kept hearing, "we don't want to leave Mum" and as our holiday was drawing to a close, I was starting to say the same thing too. And even now, nine months after our trip, every school holidays since, Jonty still asks, "can we go to Langkawi Island Mum".


Wheeler Team said...

It was probably a first for the hairdresser cutting blonde hair. Langwaki Island looks like a real treat. What a great memory they'll cherish forever.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I could do a holiday is such a beautiful place.
I don't blame the kids for wanting to stay.
As per usual your photos are gorgeous.
Love Lorraine.

Nettie's Blog said...

what a wonderful pocketful of memories for all the kids and you guys as a family...
no wonder they want to go back every holidays...