Sunday, June 23, 2013

Langkawi cable car

Day 22 - Wednesday October 3.

Today we decided to drag ourselves away from the beach and go up to the Langkawi cable car.

Standing at the bottom, we could see all the way to the top to Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi’s second highest peak, where the cable car was going to take us.

We had heard that the views were amazing so we were pretty excited to get up the top and have a look.

Standing waiting our turn though, I got pretty nervous as I saw how far we had to go in this little cabin held on by only a cable.

The view from inside the cable was amazing out over the ocean and the kids loved looking out over the island as we got higher and higher.

There were two places to stop, the first a little down from the top one and already just from there the views were breathtaking.

The observation deck was huge and offered 360 degree views.

The next place to stop was partly covered in fog because it was quite high. You can see the next observation deck in the second photo up on top of the hill to the left of the landing area and also on the right in the third photo.

The ocean looked amazing form this height, just like when you look at postcards and dream about lying on the beach with not a care in the world.

Looking back down toward the first observation tower.

This was a bridge that took you down to another observation point but it was closed the day we went.

I wonder if the bridge was closed due to safety reasons. We had got used to the 'relaxed' attitude people had over here in regard to safety and infrastructure and road rules but even now these photos make me a bit nervous because we were up so high in the sky, SWINGING AWAY IN SMALL CABLE CARS WITH GOODNESS KNOWS WHAT PROTECTING US FROM PLUMMETING TO THE EARTH, and you hear about accidents in other countries that you expect would never happen at home because of our zealousness for occupational health and safety and fear of negligence suits.

But back safe on terra firma again, after NOT plummeting to the earth, I decided the nervousness was worth the amazing views over this beautiful island we were staying on.

And even on top of the world, the fan club still found us.


Anonymous said...

Wowsers, that is steep, and It really made me nervous when I saw all the rust in the metalwork.
Such a lot of memories you have, and I love reading about the trip.
Love Lorraine.

Nettie's Blog said...

wow how feeky is that rusting cable the views ..breathtaking ...and the lady in the berka ...he he