Monday, June 24, 2013

Good morning Monday

Good morning WINTER

the view from our deck this morning

frozen water on our deck

 our frozen backyard

The last few days have been very cold and very frosty. Walking to school has been cold and we have been driving Sarra to the bus instead of her walking because at 7.30am when she leaves home, it has still been -2 degrees. Even in her winter uniform it is still too cold, poor thing.

Walking to playgroup at school. Jonty calls it "Flynn's school day".

Good morning bed hair

I found this old 2010 photo of Jonty's bed hair. He is so cute.

Nothing much has changed. He still has the cutest morning bed hair.

Now we have past the shortest day of the year on June 21, we are looking forward to the warmer weather again in a few months when the sun stays up all day long...... and the kids can wear... er... less!!


Anonymous said...

You have a very liberated young man there!!!
It was absolutely freezing today, but I don't mind if the sun comes out and shines all day.
Oo ohhhh!!! I like your trees on the wall. I will have to one over and have a look.
Tell Sarra to finish her little wheat packs she made in Y.W. so she can put them in her pockets to keep warm.
Love Lorraine.

The Jacks said...

cool pictures :) It has been sooo cold! Sarra looks so cute in her uniform :)