Wednesday, June 19, 2013

.Who says short legs aren't fast.

Last Wednesday, Hallie attended the Northern Midlands cross country event at Cressy District HS, following on from the local school one back in May. (I think the first 3 place getters in each grade, were allowed to advance from their primary school to the Northern Midlands).  We love going to these events and "having a  go" against the other schools, which include Campbell Town, Cressy, Longford, Perth, Evandale, Bracknell, Hagley, Meander, Mole Creek, Our Lady of Mercy, Flinders Island and Deloraine Primary.

Hallie raced against the grade 4 girls, which made up about 60 girls. I'm not sure how long the course was, some said 1.6km and others 2.3 so I'm not sure but it was long enough for quite a bit of running.

Hallie didn't stop the whole way and just kept her legs pumpingt. She has always been the smallest in her class but that has never stopped her and I knew she wasn't going to walk any of the course but keep on going and going and going.

And going she did, coming 5th in the race and loved every minute of it. She gave it everything she had which showed as she came up to and crossed the finish line.

Hallie's cheer squad was too interested in the play equipment to watch, but I'm sure he was proud of her. :)

And as always Hallie loves catching up with friends that attend another school.


Anonymous said...

I love this kid, she is such an all rounder.
Love Lorraine.

Anonymous said...

This is SO brilliant. Well done H xx Chelsea

Collette said...

WAHOO Hallie the champ!