Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Snow start to the holidays

On Monday, our first day of the holidays, the kids had a bit of a lay in which was really nice since they had all worked hard at school during term 2 and I was very proud of all their school report results.

The weather has been very very cold and where we live we can see Quamby Bluff and along the Western Tiers mountains, and especially when you come into Deloraine, the whole town is surrounded by these beautiful white snow covered mountains.

Quamby is not really that high up, just a five hour return hike to the peak but even that had a covering of snow so we knew there was some good snow all around.

We headed up to the Central Highlands coming in from Golden Valley Road and when we got along the highway we started seeing heaps of snow and then we reached a point where to go any further not in a four-wheel drive and without chains would have been too dangerous so we stopped in the snow and had a great play.

It was Flynn's first time at the snow so I was making sure he was really covered up and warm but he kept wanting to take his gloves off to feel the snow.

We went for a little walk to the lookout.

And this was our view.

We couldn't have asked for a better day. The blue sky against the crisp white snow with not a breath a wind was the perfect backdrop.

And what's a day at the snow without a snow angel.

There was no-one else there for at least the first hour so we had heaps of fun having snow fights and playing.

We wondered how Flynn would go at the snow, seeing as it was his first time, but just like his first time at the beach, all he wanted to do was eat the snow, just like all he wanted to do was eat the sand.

And what's a day at the snow without a game of footy........... while holding a hot cup of milo.

We had heaps of fun exploring down in the ditches on the side of the road, until we realised that some of them were just a little deep.

We did find a few good ditches for some fun sliding.

But then we went for a little walk down the road and find some really good hills for sliding down.

Sarra was at her friendJess' house, but they ended up coming up in the afternoon anyway so she didn't miss out on a snow trip. We stayed up there for about 2.5 hours and would have stayed longer but Flynn had had enough so we headed home.


Sisters of the East Presidency said...

Looks so lovely & fresh & fun.

Nettie's Blog said...

a magic day up on the the look of the snow ..but the old bones don't like the feel of it....definitely for the kids and great to see how much they are enjoying it...XXXX