Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jonty's sayings

Jonty has been saying so many hilarious and funny things lately that I thought I had better write them down so he can look back and have a laugh.

When I think about what it means, it all sounds very logical and makes perfect sense to think like that when you are only four.

1. If you have curly hair, Jonty says you have circle hair.

2. Mum lives in a two story house in Bridport and Jonty has been telling me that Collette isn't allowed to sell Nan's double decker house.

3. Jonty loves helping me with the laundry, especially putting the powder in the machine and pressing the buttons for me. Everytime he hears me go into the laundry and turn the washing machine on, he comes in and asks if he can have a turn putting the sugar in the machine. I suppose laundry powder does look like long as he doesn't try to lick it. ;)

4.  When Hallie has friends over Jonty says, "is her coming to our house", when he can't remember their name.

5. When we visited Collette and Hayden for Toby's blessing, Jonty, Mum and I went to Woollies, in the city near their apartment. It had an escalator leading down to the supermarket. Jonty refers to it as, "Collette's supermarket with the climbing stairs".

Oh how I love having a four year old. Without a doubt he makes me smile every single day.

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Anonymous said...

It's a fun age for sure, if you could only keep them at that age.
He is definately a cutie.
Love Lorraine.