Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A lovely birthday

Today I turned 38. Today I had a lovely birthday. 

I got to go to the gym and do my favourite class - Pump. It was lovely until Lisa told Caroline our friend and pump instructor that it was my birthday and she made me come up on stage and do the bicep track. I was so careful not to mention it but Lisa made sure I wouldn't get away with it. What are friends for right? :)

We then went to the Punchbowl for a quiet little picnic. It was beautiful sitting at Punchbowl in the shade under the trees with Kellie and Lisa, watching the kids have a play. Our other gym bud, Lisa couldn't make it but we already have decided that the next date is going to be the raspberry farm because Kellie has never been.

Lisa had brought this amazing cake and even the kids were in awe of it. :) I loved Kell's comment about not making it to the gym today but turning up for cake. Priorities are spot on Kell. :) Kellie also brought some sausage rolls and little pies which were very yummy and tasty. The reason why Kell didn't make it to the gym was because she didn't get to sleep until about 4 or 5 am. I would have understood if she pulled the pin but she didn't. Thanks Kell and I hope you got some sleep later on.....sometime. :)

We had a lovely couple of hours just enjoying talking (and eating).  It was a hard day for Lisa, seeing Valentine's Day, 17 years ago, Aaron had proposed to her at Hollybank. When we were chatting, someone said something and she laughed and I said, "there right there is my best birthday present, seeing you laugh". It was an unimaginably hard day but she chose to remember this day with Aaron by coming to a picnic, arms ladden with cake to make sure I had a lovely day. (she never ceases to amaze me).

I stayed for a little bit longer after Kell and Lisa left just to sit while Flynn slept and enjoy just being still and quiet while the kids played. That was short-lived however when Jonty came running down the path completely starkers after going to the toilet to "me do a poo" and stripping off to do so. I couldn't help laughing.

On the way home I stopped in to visit my big sis Lisa and pick up my pressie from little sis Collette.  I missed seeing littlest sis Jess, but living in Melbourne makes it a bit hard. :(

Speaking of pressies...........

I got some beautiful pressies too.
(from Sarra)

(jewellery box from Collette and Hayden)

(a gorgeous purse from Lisa King)

(Simon and the kids)

I also got some flowers from Simon's Mum and money from my Mum. A lovely lady from church, Maureen Handley, made me a lovely sponge cake too. SO many lovely things.

Simon cooked me roast turkey for tea which we had with rhubarb and apple crumble and of course more cake. It was a lovely way to spend a birthday.

Finally what was also lovely, was this poem Collette had made up for me which was on my card that Hayden had made. It cracked me up.

S is for sexy, saucy and sweet (I'm not quite sure about this one)
I is for I imagine thongs on your feet
M is for mother, 5 children she has
O is for ocular impairment (Hayden helped out there)
N is for nonsense this poem may be
E is for everything you mean to me.

Isn't she clever!!

Thankyou too for FB messages, phone calls and texts. It certainly all made for one very  lovely birthday.


Wheeler Team said...

I'm glad you got to have a wonderful day & that Simon came through on the roast turkey!

melandpeter said...

Sounds like the most perfect day. I love picnics and I love the city park :-) That cake looked divine! Where did Lisa get it from? xxx

The Kings said...

was lovely to spend some time with you on your birthday xxxx

Carli said...

Love the poem!!

leetai said...

Happy Belated birthday. Glad you had a lovely day with family and friends :)