Sunday, February 12, 2012

*10 months*

Since last time I got on the computer, the weather finally hotted up for a bit and I have spent a fair bit of the last month hanging around in my nappy.

I still really love baths...

And I have now pulled this trick. I can't pull myself up to standing but if Mummy straightens my legs for me, then i can wobble around for a bit like this.

As you can tell by my chubby little legs, I have put on 1 kg since last month (now 8.6kg) so I think the new doses of my meds are kicking in nicely.

Dad put up our paddling pool outside so I could have a few swims.

We took a trip to Hobart to visit my Aunty Collette and Uncle Hayden.

They wore us out. ;)

Since last month I started rolling heaps...

And then started showing off by doing little push-ups to show off my upper arm strength. I think I'm ready to go on my knees next as I am doing the whole rocking thing and trying to crawl along on my belly, army style.

I still won't let Mummy take a photo of my two bottom teeth though. :0

This last month too has been especially difficult as I have seen one of my Mummy's closest friends, going through unimaginable heartache. The person I am talking about is Noah's Mummy. I watched my Mummy take the phone call that night. I saw her grab the bench to steady herself. I saw her face crumble and I heard the sharp intake of pain as she listened to Noah's Mummy on the phone.

Noah's Mummy lost her best friend, her soulmate, the love of her life that night.... Noah's Daddy.  Noah and his Daddy are now with each other and I heard Noah's Mummy tell my Mummy that they would be SO SO happy together. I know they are. Us little ones know these things. We're not just here to look cute.

(a recent photo Lisa put up on her FB page)

Many people have done some wonderful things to help them out, both friends, family and strangers alike. Although I cannot speak yet, I can feel and see the heartache of Noah's Mummy and Jay, Harri and Kobe - please continue to care and love them in whatever way you can as they climb this seemingly impossible momentous mountain.

(photo taken from Lisa's blog)

See you at 11 months.


Blanche said...

Oh Simone. I feel for you losing a friend and having to watch another struggle with the pain of losing her soul mate. Thank goodness for beautiful children who distract us in the best ways. What a gorgeous bundle of joy you have there. I especially love the rolling over pics. Too cute.

Carli said...

He is DIVINE, I want to eat him, can't wait to see him at 11 months.

Penny B. said...

I LOVE those legs Flynn! I was suprised to see Flynn's car seat facing forward. By law, we have to keep them rear facing here until one, and recently they started recommending age 2. So poor Will is still looking out the back window!

Paige said...

It's so fun to see your cuties growing up! I'm loving those rollie-pollie legs.

The Kings said...

Love those chubby legs! Love you too Simone :) xxx

Anonymous said...

happy birthday simone love dad xx