Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hangin' with the Hawks

This morning I took the kids to Aurora Stadium where some of the Hawks players were doing some drills with the kids. Being a Blues supporter I felt like I was being a traitor but with Hallie being a big Hawks fan I had to muster up my courage ;) and go.

I had never been before and I said to Lisa that I was pleasantly surprised because the players were so lovely to all the kids and looking like they were having a great time with them all.

Kobe was the star of the field, darting in and out with the ball and all the players calling him Kobes. He was so cute to watch.

Hallie's friend from school, Will was showing everyone up by zooming in and out with the ball in his chair.

Will's twin, Hannah was having a great time too. Hallie and Hannah play together at school and love doing outdoor thing together.

After the drills, the kids got to sit down and ask the players any questions they wanted. One of the questions was who the players went for, when they were growing up. I wonder if any of them dreamed they would be playing AFL one day.

I had to check the poster to see this guy's name. (sorry). I think it's David Hale. Harri will tell me if I'm wrong. He had a great time with Flynn who seemed to be more interested in eating the grass than posing with an AFL player. A man from the Herald Sun took a photo of them and said to check the paper to see if it made the cut. He said if Flynn was wearing a baby Hawks guernsey, it would be a shoe in!! I don't think I'd go that far. :)

Jonty was a bit worn out. Not that he did any drills. When he got the ball he would hold it for a minute and then giggle and drop it and run away all shy. I don't think he really knew what to do with the ball. Kobe is going to have to teach him some drills.

After question time, it was time for the serious side of the morning, getting autographs. The players let all the kids line up and sign whatever they wanted. It was great to see them in such a relaxed setting.

Even the big kids got some signing action.

Lisa was taking photos of the boys and doing such an amazing job of making the day a fun day for her boys. None of us can comprehend how hard each day is, except Aaron, and I know how proud he must have been of her today as she gave everything of herself to ensure a beautiful morning for Jay and Harri and Kobe.

Okay so I think this Hale dude is like 6 foot 7 and he asked Flynn how long it would take to match his height. I had to laugh!! Still sitting on the 3rd percentile, and me only 5 foot 6 and Simon 6 foot, there 's not much chance of that. :)


Kylie's blog said...

It's time to make the switch to the club you now know is the very best Simone!
Great photos.

Becky said...

What a beautiful day and FUN day! :)

The Kings said...

Flynn definitely has to be a Hawks supporter now :)

Anonymous said...

Time to follow the light Simone.
It was a great day, and David Hale was so nice....and tall.
Love Lorraine.

make it perfect said...

You got some really good shots Simone...I'm laughing at Aunty Lorraine's comment...and what else is he Aunty Lorraine? ;)