Thursday, February 2, 2012

I don't know where to begin

Just to say the words "Aaron" and "funeral" in the one sentence seems so unreal. 

Hundreds of people came, literally hundreds. As we came out of the building and I saw the hundreds of people streaming around the corner and out of the doors, I couldn't help but stand there in awe and stare at everyone and in my heart I was saying, "look Aaron, look at all the people you have helped to believe in themselves."

It felt strange to have those feelings of immense joy and pride for Aaron and at the same time be plunged into sadness and grief for Lisa and Jay and Harri and Kobe. It was such a rollercoaster day of emotions. 

It was such a privilege beyond description to say my own personal goodbye to Aaron. I thank Lisa for that tenderest of gifts so I could see him one last time and whisper to him that I would do my best to make him and Noah proud and be there for Lisa and Jay, Harri and Kobes. And just like at Noah's, the room was full of love, so much love.

When Lisa spoke during the service, she told us of Aaron's love of sport, particularly NRL, NBA, AFL and cricket, and how when he got his iphone, Aaron rigged it to give him notifications of sports info. As I am writing this I am reminded of when we were all visiting a friend's house recently for lunch and his phone kept going off and he told me, it was telling him when someone got out in the cricket. Lisa told us about his love of music and I will never hear Britney again, without a little smile. 

We laughed as Lisa told us of Aaron's childhood and throwing tantrums if he wasn't winning against his sisters. We cried as Lisa told us about the love of her life, her best friend and how he grew into one of the most inspirational teachers for the many students he taught over the past eight years.

Jay and Harri were the bravest boys I know. I know Aaron was wrapping his arms around them, encouraging them to be brave as they told us about the best Daddy in the world.

At the cemetery I could not stopping thinking about Noah and Aaron together and how they would both be giving Lisa and Jay and Harri and Kobe so much strength and courage to get through today.

We released balloons, just like we did for Noah and as tears streamed down my face, I watched the balloons float away sending my love along with them.

Each person was given a rose which all the kids absolutely loved.

Lisa's Dad

Aaron's sister, Trudy

Look at this beautiful boy's smile. Kobe who continues to be a gift of joy and love to Lisa during this unbelievable heartbreak. 

Lisa's Mum, Lorraine

The kids were the first to put their roses on the coffin and they were all fascinated, sitting there watching and looking in.

Lisa's brother Jared

Lisa was so brave and courageous and graceful throughout the day. There are so many things I wish for, for Lisa,  but the thing I wish for the most, I can't bring back or change and all I can do is echo Jay who comforts his Mum with tears of "it will be ok Mum..."

 I don't when or how but I do know Lisa and I know that one day she will be ok because of Aaron and Noah and Jay and Harri and Kobe. Her 5 beautiful boys will get her through this as they all walk by her side.

I loved seeing some of the students wearing Hawks guernseys. There was no way a person could know Aaron and not know his love (obsession :)) for the HFC.

A bit later, everyone moved over to Noah's spot and the tears flowed again as I thought about the significance of only 3 and a half months ago we had stood here to say goodbye to Noah.

The children's area is so tender. I like to think they would love the children playing on the grass nearby.

Hallie proudly wearing her Hawks socks for Aaron. We used to tease her that she wanted to be adopted by the Kings because of her love for Hawthorn. Her and Harri don't see each other often because they are both at school, but when they do, they get on really well.

As we left, I stopped to take a photo and it again seemed so surreal, seeing Aaron's name on the board. I said to my friend Naomi, "A.King, Aaron King" and she said, "how fitting, it says "a king". Yes how fitting, how very fitting indeed.


VickiT said...

I love this post. Thanks for sharing your feelings about the day and what has happened. Simone you are such a wonderful friend to Lisa and she is very blessed to have you. Good friends are a blessing in our life.

Carli said...

Very blessed indeed. Beautiful Simone.

HandS said...

Thank you,Simone....and the photos ..I remember Lisa's Dad now.... How could I forget?... or rather "misplace" the's been 23 years since I left tassie...27 since cannot think of the what might have beens had I remained in one is the here and now..and the future and the preparation for the stop of this life and the start of the next..blessings we are all given as we share in each others' lives...Au Revoir!

wendy said...

Such kind words and tender feelings,you are truly a blessing and a strength at this sad time

melandpeter said...

I also LOVE that the notice board said "A King"

make it perfect said...

Love to you S. x

Anonymous said...

He certainly was 'THE KING' at Kings (Meadows High) as evidenced by the number of students who laid flowers at KMHS the day they found out of the terrible news. So many students - and their parents - hold precious memories of 'Kingy'. He loved life and lived it to the full and set the bar high for us all to follow!

Princesses in waiting said...

Day by Day, Step by Step you will always be there for Lisa. Simone you are wonderful.

April said...

Oh Simone- what a beautiful post... thank you for sharing such priceless photos as well as the feelings of your heart... Lisa is so blessed to have you... please give her an extra big hug from me... xo!

Anonymous said...

love your beautiful words simone. so glad lisa has a friend like you x love to you, aimee

leetai said...

Beautiful post Simone. Thanks for making me blub all over again. xx