Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am grateful.

I am grateful to live in Westbury because we have movie nights (well just one so far) down on the village green. 

The kids thought it was such a treat to sit outside in the dark and watch a movie. I thought it was great sitting there with five kids until it started to spit and then rain. Just as I decided this was really not fun, I thought, "what the heck, the night is warm and what's a little water". 

Usually I would get all cross and ticked off that everything was getting wet but Aaron has taught me that I want the kids to remember that Mum was fun sometimes and not always grumpy. ;) So next time its raining outside and nice and warm, let's do something spontaneous and let our kids play in the puddles - and worry about the washing later.

I'm grateful for laughing moments like coming into the kitchen and finding this.

I'm grateful for recent summer weather which will all too soon turn into Autumn (my favourite season)

I am grateful for giving a talk at our Stake conference today. (it's where all of the northern Tasmanian wards (congregations) get together in the one place twice a year for some spiritual upliftment from our local leaders). 

Okay, like I said in the talk, I'm always grateful to prepare a talk, for what I learn about the topic. I just wish I never had to GIVE a talk.

I was super nervous, worrying about how many people would be there, what everybody would think and would I just be wasting everyone's time until I realised that the only person's time I did not want to waste, was His and the only one that I needed approval from was Him. As long as He knew I did the best that I could, then that's all that mattered. That's the beauty of having a loving Heavenly Father - our best is good enough for Him.

I was still nervous though. :)


The Kings said...

Awesome talk today and I'm glad you aren't worrying about a little bit of rain and more washing :)

make it perfect said...

You are such a good example to me Simone. Loved your talk and love your mothering x

Nettie's Blog said...

I am with you Simone...i am on the other side of life's journey now...the latter i am definately doing more fun things..the old boy has finally decided to retire..i feel a cruise then a mission coming on.. AWESOME TALK too..

Penny B. said...

I would have loved to have heard your talk Simone - maybe you could send me a copy. I'm sure it was great. And I LOVE the pics of Jonty butt naked in the pool, he would get on well with Elliott and Owen who don't like wearing clothes either!