Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cooling off

 The reason I am blogging about the weather today is because this doesn't happen all that often down in Tassie.

Hallie had a birthday party at the aquatic centre today and because it was heading to be a scorcher I thought I would bring all the kids and go for a swim too.

Lisa and Jay, Harri and Kobe joined us as well before heading off to take Harri to a birthday party too.

I love this photo.... I think you know why..... and I think you do too.

Jonty is looking like he is slightly freaking out.

After a few hours, Flynn had had enough of  the pool. :)

Simon headed off about the same time as Lisa to get to a church meeting and I stayed a few hours longer with the kids. We got home about 4 pm to a very hot house.

Air con would be good right about now.  :)

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Wheeler Team said...

Great shots! Love the one of Lisa & Kobe especially. Poor Flynnis, I want to cuddle him!!!