Monday, June 30, 2008

VT Dinner

On Saturday night we held our visiting teaching gratitude dinner. Instead of a convention this year, I decided on a pig out. No, I mean temporal and spiritual feast. All this year for the first Sunday of every month our ward has been having VT lessons and so I decided that instead of lecturing, I mean motivating and inspiring, we should put on a dinner for them to say thankyou for all their efforts and time and sacrifice that they put into supporting each other and their leaders in the VT programme.

So my counsellors being, Kit Porter, Mel Corona and secretary Barbara Young and I cooked up a storm for the night. Barbara came up with the beautiful table decorations. We just did as we were told and put plates, serviettes, etc where she said.

On the night we started with nibbles (thanks Deidre) and then moved onto mains - lasagne, one of which was this most scrumptious vegetarian one, salad and garlic bread. For dessert we had a choice of mudcake, strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake and a peach cobbler with ice-cream. Jackie and Vicki did the drinks which was so yum - a punch made up with mixed berries. In between the main and dessert we just went around the room and said what it was about the VT programme that we were grateful for.

Phyllis and Jackie cleaning up

Emma Porter with Tyren Corona (this is the little fella whose birth I was at so he is my favourite)

Nan Triffitt, June Bounds, Peggy Pitcher, Bev Scott, Phyllis Moores, Ali Christie
The sneaky part so that we were not left with the dishes was announcing at the end that, you had to wash the dishes of your visiting teacher that visits you to say thankyou. That way we weren't left with a HUGE pile of dishes. That was probably the best idea of the night.

I know each ward says the same, but I think we have the best ward ever. The sisters all get in and help and support each other and I love working with Kit, Mel and Barb. They are awesome!!


The Kings said...

Oh wow - Tyren is soooo big now!! I can't believe that is him. Can't wait for Kobe to be like that :) The dinner sounds great - you are a great RS pres.

make it perfect said...

aaah...makes me homesick!
some things i liked about that post:
*tyren is sooo cute! i haven't seen him since he was 3 weeks old!!
*nan's funky hair band HAHA!
*that white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake

Jackie & Mark said...

hi simone
you guys are the best r/s presidency and sat night was the best..i love meeting with the sisters and getting to chat with them and just to visit..isn't that's what visitng is all about? i loved it..the weather didn't us away that night..and we all went away full, with food and with spritual was great..toni you have to move back this way lol..

Bride said...

Hi Simone,
how are you?
I have checked your blog a couple of times now, but really wanted to say hi and make sure it's ok for me to keep popping in. Don't like to be a stalker!
If you want to send me an email i'll add you to mine aswell.
It's nice getting back in contact with old YA friends. Sooo long ago now...
You have a gorgeous little family too!
Bridey x

Bride said...

Ooops... might help if you had an address to send to???