Saturday, June 7, 2008

After block party

Today after we finish our house chores (gee whenever are there none of them to do), Sarra is organising a "finishing block" party. We realise how much of a drag the block has been on our family when we see how excited the kids are that we do not have to go there again. It has been very hard at times with Simon away so much at the block. If he was not at work, then the block he would be. I have never known such a tireless hardworker, albeit grumpy at times from the exhaustion of working 2 jobs but that is very understandable. Now he can have some down time and actually get to relax when he comes home from work instead of traipsing off to the block.

So yesterday we finished up cleaning at the block, ready for it to go on the market and Sarra and I met up with Mum to go and visit Kobe. Whenever I see newborns I am amazed at the miracle of birth and how on earth they fit in our tummies. By the end it must be very squashed and cramped in there. Lisa looked lovely as usual. She might disagree but I don't think she is capable of having a "bad hair" day.

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The Kings said...

Oh Simone - you are way too nice! :) Hope you have a nice day off together.