Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Primary Activity

On Monday we had our Primary activity at Rotary park in Deloraine. It was very muddy underfoot but there was no wind and it was quite mild for a winter's day. The kids had a lovely time playing games, going on a walk and treasure hunt and eating of course. It's nice to see them all interact outside of church and have some fun together.

Sarra absolutely adores Chloe Triffitt and goes on and on about her and how she is her second cousin and how they are having a sleepover soon. I think Chloe is about 15 or 16mths old so I'm not quite sure what they would chat about at the sleepover. Sarra loves talking to herself so it wouldn't matter anyway.

aren't they cute all holding hands

concentrating in the egg and spoon race

Jacquie and Daniel Rouse

Today was the most frustrating day ever. I was all set to go to the block. Work clothes on, lunches packed, kids were to go to the Wheelers, Katherine and kids coming to help clean windows. Sounds all organised except I couldn't find the car keys and am still yet to find them. I have no idea where they are and after much ranting and raving and praying they are still lost. So me and the kids stayed home and I grumbled all day. The only highlight of the day was Lisa's text to say she had given birth to Kobe James King.


The Triffitts said...

Love the photo of Hallie.
Eden invited Sarra over and he keeps reminding her everytime she mothers Chloe :)

The Kings said...

Glad I was the highlight of the day :)