Monday, June 23, 2008

Copy cats

We copied the Kings on Saturday and went to the Phenomena factory at Inveresk. We went to Theogenes first for family swim day and then had some lunch and headed to the museum. I love it because it is free and the kids love running around in there. I have to agree with Lisa, the swinging bridge made us feel sick too. Simon and I hung our heads out the side of it which made it worse and then I felt woosy for the rest of the afternoon.

I loved the blacksmith's workshop and marvelling at how differently things were run back in the 'olden days'. We hopped in the big train and pretended we were the train master off on a long journey. Hallie kept looking for a horn.

It's a great interactive museum that really gets kids excited and interested in science. The only thing was for the rest of the afternoon Sarra kept asking me science questions like, "what is the planet closest to the sun". Like I can remember. And "why is Pluto not a planet anymore?". I feel like that Dad on the commercial who told his son that the Great Wall of China was built to keep the rabbits out. In the end I told her that we would look on the internet when we got home. See no need to think anymore.


The Kings said...

How funny that we were there the same day but at different times! What a fun day - first a swim, and then the museum. The science exhibit is great hey!? Even better that it is free. I always give Jalen exactly the same answer when he asks questions 'we will look it up on the net'. LOL

lisa W said...

It looks great, I'm wanting to go but everyone's been. Emily actually came home & groaned that her class is going cause that will be her 4th time! And she loves science!! You're getting into this swimming now then. Ellen said to come n see her as she is going away mid July and apparently you are meant to see her every trimester......

Jackie & Mark said...

hey simone
i'm going to tell mel and i think we might be copy cats too. it looks like its real fun and learning as you go along..where is it?
see you tonight at relief society dinner..