Saturday, February 9, 2008

A play with Lilly

This week Lilly came for a sleepover for one night. Hallie was so excited and felt very grown up to be having her very own friend over, even if they are cousins.

Sarra went to Lilly's for the night so Hallie got to sleep in the top bunk which really made her day. She is getting very excited about starting kinder and is doing the usual - wanting to wear her school uniform everyday.

I took Lilly to music with Hallie and Oliver and they had a great time playing the instruments and Lilly even knew the 'naughty cat' song where you get to chase someone around the circle who has been a bad cat getting their whiskers in the butter!!

Of course my kids did the mandatory strip off to play outside thing. Why they do it I don't know.


The Kings said...

Hmmm - very interesting choice of playing 'clothes'! :) Still trying to figure out whether they take after you or Simon!

Anonymous said...

I can help clear that up by saying that I have seen a few photos of Simone in those very same play clothes as a kid.......what are big sisters for:-)