Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Girls weekend

Last weekend we had our Stake RS overnighter at Camp Banksia at Port Sorell. I went down with Kylie and Lisa about 5pm. When we got there, we did the most important thing first and went to Shearwater to grab a bite to eat. Jackie Webster and Liz Walker came with us and we had a lovely time together.

I shared a cabin with Kylie Bailey, Coral Crossin, Liz Walker and Lisa Wheeler. Our stake leaders, Jennie Taylor, Ruth Pawson and Deidre Triffitt had organised a relaxing weekend for us women to have some time out. Aah it was bliss.

Friday night we had a lip sync to music performance by each ward. It was a crack-up. Can I be biased and say Deloraine's was the best. Deidre, Emily, Louise, Liz and Jackie had dressed up and mimed a song about the new girl at school. Jackie played the 'new girl' and it was hilarious.

Jackie playing the 'new girl'

Devonport ward
We didn't go to bed until midnight and then we chatted til 2 in the morning. Luckily breaky was not until 8 o'clock so we had a bit of a sleep in.

Merley, Vicki, Phyllis, Alison and June

Toni, Em and Lil

Tania with all her friends :)
On Saturday we had a range of workshops, lunch and a testimony meeting. Even though it was raining we still had a great time enjoying each other's company and just relaxing with people that you don't normally have time to just chill with.

Women who Glow workshop by Carol O
What was really nice was that our whole family got to go together, the first overnighter we have ALL been on. Us girls are all so different but like Bish Prebble would say, it's the differences that make us a strong family unit............. um whatever!! :)

Notice that Collette and Jess have the same photos on their blog. Well just to set the record straight, the photos are off my camera. See only SERIOUS bloggers take their cameras everywhere girls.


Country/City Boy said...

Hey Simone, Yep noticed Jess and Collette had the same pics and they mentioned about you not wearing Crocs. Got on you for taking the camera and not wearing the rocs I say. haha.

As for Lisa, I crack up how many times she has to change the lenses on the camera over, to just get the right shot. Are you the same?

Simone Triffitt said...

Nah. My camera is very small, fits in the palm of your hand but I wish it took as good a photo as Lisa's. Might be something in the person behind the lense there!!