Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dr Harry in the flesh

Yesterday me and the kids tagged along with Mum, Collette and Jessica for Mum's traditional end of school holidays (brace myself to face those ratbag kids) lunch. Mum wanted to go to Dr Harry's place where we could check out the animals and more importantly tuck into the yummy food at Dr Harry's clucky chook cafe.

While we were there, Dr Harry himself came in to say hi to everyone. He went around every table and sat for a chat. I thought he was really friendly and relaxed. He asked the kids about their pets and we talked about his filming schedule.

Next time we will take the kids on a guided tour so we can check out more of the animals. Sarra's favourite was the ducklings and Oliver liked the pig. Hallie liked the pony. I liked the rhubarb crumble.


The Kings said...

Glad you had a good experience with him. We have had the opposite and so have many others that I know. I'm sure it was because you were paying customers ;) It's nice for the kids though. Will fill you in when I see you.

Country/City Boy said...

Gotta love how the kids like the animals, but us older people love the food.

Dr Harry once looked at Mum and Dad's house to buy.

Carli said...

VERY COOL! Where is the cafe??

Marnie said...

Yeah, Id love to know where it is too?