Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big boy bed

Now that Oliver is nearly 3 (March 4), we decided that it was time for him to move on up in the world out of his cot and into a bed. The only problem is that Oliver shares his room with the computer, computer desk, printer, scanner blah blah so you can see how that kind of stuff just takes over the room. I need some feng shui for my blogging you see.

This is Oliver's old cot which used to belong to the Prebbles and before that Scott's sister Gwen Barf. We worked out that Oliver was the tenth baby to use it. It has been repainted but has bite marks, stickers and even on the boards underneath, Sam Prebble has written her name in wobby red texta. I don't think I would ever have wanted a fandangled new cot because this one had so much character and memories wrapped up in it that a new one would have been too boring.

Simon being very innovative, came up with the idea of a toddler bed. We found one at Target on sale for $120 and so brought it home and put up. In the post Christmas sales we got Oliver a pillow and single bed doona that I decided just had to go on his toddler bed. Problemo was that the toddler bed still only fits a cot mattress so I have wrapped his single bed fitted sheet and doona probably twice around the bed to make it fit.

Once we had done all that we sat back to survey our project. We looked at each other and burst out laughing. It is the poxiest bed you have ever seen (obviously why it was $120). It looks like a little dog bed, being so low to the floor but Oliver loves it to pieces and thinks he is such a big boy.


The Kings said...

I think it looks cute! As long as Oliver loves it that is all that matters. :)

Clare said...

I also think it is cute :)- to me anything little is cute - [(I hate shopping UNLESS its for baby clothes) and interior stuff]

Essie said...

Haha! I agree with the whole CUTE! And doesn't Oliver look just the cutest IN his new bed! How exciting!!