Saturday, January 19, 2008

Water and Windows

This week of the holidays Sarra has had swimming lessons each day at 11am. The Rotary Club of Deloraine have been running a free swim program for 26 yrs and for 2 wks each summer hols kids get to participate. it is run by Austswim teachers and is really beneficial for the kids, particularly for the ones that live on farms with dams. At the end of the course each child gets a certificate. Ir has really helped that the weather has been so warm.

The other activity for the week was helping Simon put the windows in for the house. We even roped Collette into coming and helping us.

Collette's reward was a hazelnut Time Out chocolate


Collette said...

That's my "i'm not impressed with you taking my photo"look:)

Carli said...

You're already up to windows! Not fair - I think we're a month off that. Collette should have demanded $60 an hour (expert labourer wages) then she could have bought bags of those!

Country/City Boy said...

A chocolate bar, Families always get done over for slave labour. I'd have bargained for at least two