Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Backyard barby

Lisa said not to put this one on the blog - so i thought I would make it the feature shot.

On Sunday night we christened the deck with its first barbecue dinner. We invited Toni and Jaron because we miss them and Lisa and Aaron because we often only catch up at the gym and so never have time to just hang.

Hallie was hanging off the front gate all afternoon waiting for Oscar and Harri. It was good bribery all day to say, 'well if you just help Mummy with this, soon Oscar and Harri will be here'.

It was a lovely evening and thankyou Jay for helping Sarra work out stuff on her Nintendo DS because I have no clue. Lil was a hit with the girls and Sarra felt very important getting a hold of her.

I love Aussie summers so much. Heaps of barbecues and nights that stay light until at least 9pm so you can fit heaps in the day. We all tend to hibernate a bit down here in Tassie in winter. Now if I could just get some good salad recipes happening (hmm... maybe some will magically appear on Recipe Monday).

ahhh - matching thongs


The Kings said...

Oh ya Simone!!! Nice to see that you listen to me! :) The boys had a nice time. Jay and I were talking about how it is nice that Sarra and he are similar in ages and can get to know each other a bit.

Carli said...

that was fun! thanks heaps for a great night...it didn't feature on my blog cause i got home and realised that i had only taken 2 photos and they were both rotten! xxx

The Coward Family said...

oops that last comment was from me! didn't realise carli was signed in on my computer!

The Parsons Family said...

why I think that Lisa's cheeks look very chissled and pop starish!!! Wish I was up North!!!!