Monday, January 7, 2008

THE BIG 25!!

Everyone has been teasing Collette for weeks about being 'nearly 25'. The YSA had a joke for her at the convention in Melbourne, introducing her as, 'this is Collette, who is nearly 25'. They even joked about wearing badges that said, have you met Collette - she is nearly 25'.

But on Saturday she certainly did turn 25 yrs old. What a milestone! Collette was the cutest little kid. She had golden ringlets and was nicknamed Shirley Temple. You could not get past those big blue eyes and mass of curls. I am 9yrs older than her so I played the big sister role quite alot. Can you believe I was even mean to her too.

One of our favourite games was in the bath, (Mum always made me have one to look after her) we called it the 'washer game'. We had to sit back at one end of the bath and throw the washer on each of the taps and the shower head. Each tap was worth a certain number of points. We still remember and laugh about it. Aah the things you do as a kid!! Obviously we were devoid of any form of entertainment.

Saturday was a glorious day and we had organised a barbecue at Lisa's to celebrate the occasion. Collette and Jessica had only got back from the YSA convention the night before along with the all the other Young Adults. They all came to the barbecue too.

As it was so hot a heap of us went to Corra Lyn for a swim. There's a path through a paddock just pass the Corra Lyn bridge which people get down to the creek. It was quite warm but the rocks are a bit slimy. So far no-one is sick so it must have been alright. Simon, me and Oliver got there a bit after the others and did not know about the path through the paddock so Simon let me down a rockface to get there and even then we ended up on the wrong side of the creek and Collette and Paul swam over to help get us across. I was like, 'Simon, this is not a Search and Rescue training expedition you know'.

The barbecue was lovely and we had a great time with Jade and Brad Whitchurch, Dale Prebble, Paul Travers, Rachael Rattray, Camilla Mitchell, Danny Polley and Biarta making up the party. The party went until 11.30pm and they played games like pass the parcel but when the music stopped, inside was a note like, 'you get to wash Collette's car for free'. The final note said, 'you have won a date with Collette'. Lisa and Emily made it up so it was a huge crack-up. Part of the night was also spent jumping on the trampoline 5 at a time until yes, someone always gets hurt being too silly Dale.

We did not get to participate in any of the games because we left about 8pm to head down to the hospital because Hallie had a HUGE splinter in her foot, like an inch long that we could not get out. But that's for another post.

In the meantime.....................................


As an editor's note - Jess took these photos - can't you tell! Is there even a photo of Collette?


Essie said...

Haha, I was just thinking 'where are the photos of Collette'! Wish I was there for the party and to tease Collette...hehe.

Jessica Gib. said...

Laughs..thanks simone!The one with emily eating the corn is the best picture!!