Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012

Last night, we went over to our neighbour's house, the Robin's, to see in the new year. We were joined by the Bradburys and Ben and Belinda Terry. We each brought some meat and a salad and dessert to share and we filled in the night chatting away while the kids played on the trampoline and watched a movie or played Just Dance on the wii.

Katherine and Allen have a pretty big house so there was plenty of room for everyone to do different things without being on top of each other.

My tom boy Hallie with her spiderman t-shirt and skater hat. But she does have nail polish on her fingernails so there's hope yet. ;)

As it ticked closer to midnight, Allen set these lights on which were really pretty as the sun set.

The bigger kids watching a movie.

Just as it was getting late, this little munchkin fell off the deck and hit his head on a rock. Katherine and Allen took him into emergency at the LGH and they glued the wound on the back of Hezekiah's head. It was a nasty deep cut and the Drs told them he would have to be kept for 4 hrs for observation seeing as it was a head wound. So Allen came home and poor Katherine had to stay in and see the new year in, in a small little cubicle in the hospital while we partied on back at her place. Deeanne did text her at midnight to say "Happy New Year" though. ;)

These two didn't quite make it to midnight as Simon was working and Jonty was getting very tired. Before they left though, they had fun playing with the fluro sparklers.

The kids loved playing with the fluros while jumping on the trampoline.

Here we are counting down from ten while watching the fireworks in Sydney harbour, on the TV.

 Fireworks lighting up the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Deeanne texting Graeme at midnight as he was on the Spirit of Tasmania on his way to Melbourne where he was going to pick them up off the plane in the morning. Their plane was leaving at 6am and then they were driving to Qld for 5 weeks. I can imagine how tired they will be.

When it struck midnight we all had a toast.

Bekah home from uni in Adelaide, winding down with Kayla.

I love this one of the others playing Just Dance in the background. and look how tired these guys look, staying up after midnight. 

Happy New Year!!!

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