Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A day at the beach

Yesterday we went to Hawley Beach. It was a perfect start to the new year with the weather hotting up nicely for us. I hadn't been to Hawley for a few years and had forgotten how nice the water is and how kid friendly the beach is.

The kids had a great time.

Especially Flynn who was trying out the beach for the first time and loving the sand.

I love love love the way he crinkles up his nose when he grins.

And then of course he found the sand...

And decided he like it....

Very much indeed...

The kids had a lovely time playing with their second cousins (or is it first cousins twice removed?)

Now that Steph and Eden have moved to Port Sorell, Jonty misses playing with Lachie.

Harri, Ollie and Hallie playing frisbee.

Lisa's Mum, Lorraine had brought some yummy raspberries which we had with icing sugar. How delectable is that.
(the raspberries, not Lisa I mean). LOL. See some great pics Lisa took of the day, here.

Ty contemplating the meaning of life... or stressing that in 3 months he is going to be a new Daddy!!! :)

I love this woman. If you ever want to go to the beach, ring Lorraine. She comes with beach toys, chairs, umbrellas and of course delectable fresh raspberries. :)

Oma and Pop came halfway through the day to take Sarra and Hallie back to Ulverstone for a few days. It was lovely looking forward to some quality time with just the boys. I often worry that I dont spend enough one on one with them so when opportunities like this arise, we have heaps of fun at home with the other kids.
What a great start to the summer holidays.


The Kings said...

Mum is a champion at the beach :) Trust you to put up an awful pic of me!Such a beautiful day. Glad we could do it together.

Kayla Christie said...

love beach days! and love that we only live 1 min from hawley :)