Monday, January 16, 2012

Visiting Nan at Bridport

Last Sunday the boys went with Nanny after church to her house in Bridport. Mum's place is always the place to be during the summer as she lives near the beach and the kids love going there as a family so everyday we can go down to the beach.

After my date with the girls on the Monday, on Tuesday we headed to Bridport to join the boys.
We had a great time with Mum, going to the park and although the weather was not really hot and it rained a few times, we got some beach time in there too. Some of the little beaches there are really quite sheltered from any wind and the water is nice and smooth for the little kids.

Hallie wears her skate shoes EVERYWHERE- rain, hail or shine. And whether they go with her outfit or not, she doesn't care so I don't either.

Lisa and Aaron with all their beautiful photos and videos of Noah and the boys during NOAHvember and Noahlidays has inspired and gently reminded us that you can never have enough so we have been using the video camera constantly.

I smile here at Sarra obviously trying to make Flynn laugh for the video.

Nan still on pushing duties.

I love love his chubby bits. It makes him so snuggly and cuddly.

You can't even see Simon in this pic- hidden behind all the kids. LOL. Simon and Hallie and Ollie went home on Thursday so Simon could go to a church meeting and then on the Friday he took them camping at Liffey Falls.

On Thursday afternoon,  I met up with my gym bud Kell and we went for two big walks. This is us at Old Pier beach going for a beautiful walk along the foreshore on Friday morning, while our other gym buds were back at the gym doing an Attack class. I think our view was much better that day. :)

It was so lovely to walk (I had to walk fast so my short legs could keep up with Kell's long ones) and not have to rush off anywhere or have to rush into the creche to grab our kids. Walking without kids, there is no excuse to slacken off and Kell made me run the last 500m up the hill to our place and in the end I told her to run on ahead and have a drink of water waiting for me when I eventually caught up. :) We don't call her Kellie 'the machine' Rae for nothing. :)

The weather hotted up at the end of the week again so Kell and Dave and all our kids went down to the beach on our second last day there. We both left on Saturday.

The day after we got back, I ran into one of the coppers at the shop and he said that they ended up closing the beaches at Bridport because of shark sightings. Yikes!! Kell said, it was very considerate of the shark to wait until we had gone.

Still loving the sand

Jonty making the moves on 'Harlot' while Kobe isn't around. ;)

We are looking forward to coming back on the 30th of January for some more beach fun with our friends, Jackie, Mel and Liz for our annual camping trip and fingers crossed the weather is perfect for some swimming - preferably without any sharks!!


Collette said...

Two things... It's heated up ..or heating up ... Also.. What happened to hallie at the end of that crazy flip off the swings shot? I want the next pic in the sequence to show she made it ok!!!

The Kings said...

So glad you making more videos :) Flynn's rolls look just like mine! I'm so jealous that you and Kell got to walk around beautiful Bridport while I was slogging it out in Attack in a stuffy, smelly room! You are so lucky your Mum has such a lovely place to go and stay at.