Thursday, January 12, 2012

*9 months*

Happy New Year everyone. It's hard to imagine that 2012 has started already. This past month has been full of new things. I now weigh 7.55 kgs and am 67 cm tall. This puts me on the 3rd percentile. 

You wouldn't think so with my adorable chubby legs but I have actually lost weight. From 4 -8 months I only put on 550 grams and this past month I have lost weight so we have changed my med dosage to see if that makes a difference.

I finally have my first tooth. It feels great to have one little chomper. My favourite food is mashed vegies and custard/yoghurt.

I got to meet Santa Claus for the first time, as I celebrated my very first Christmas. That's me in the green top sitting in front of Santa. Not quite sure what the fuss was all about as everyone tore paper apart to see something inside. I thought the paper by itself was pretty interesting and tasty.

Santa did give me a bike trailer though so I can ride on the back of Dad's bike. The best part is that Dad does all the pedaling too while I just watch the world go by.

Another first was that Mum dressed me in the same pyjamas as Jonty. As you can see a big no no. Both pairs of pjs were presents from Nan Triffitt to Sarra when she was little and everyone has had a go at wearing them, but at the same time..... please Mum!!!

I celebrated my very first NYE at a party at the Robin's house, our neighbours next door. I did okay staying up for a bit watching a movie with Sarra.

But by midnight I was still awake and a bit cranky.

I also went to the beach for the first time during this past month. Hello, why didn't anyone tell me how yummy sand tastes. I just couldn't get enough. I loved sitting there and feeling the waves come in and wash over me too.

I still have the biggest grin and I do not discriminate. Friend, family or stranger I will regale you with my widest smile as soon as you look at me so if you are having a sad day just walk on by my pram and peer in and I will soon brighten your day.

See you at 10 months.

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Penny B. said...

He looks so big already! It goes by so fast!