Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Four days in a row - all turkeyed out!!

Day 1 - Christmas Eve Day

Celebrating Christmas with the Simon's family at Tammy's house. Not much fun with tonsilitis - all that glorious food I couldn't really enjoy and feeling feverish and chills, waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. It's a crime to lose weight at Christmas. ;)

When we left Tammy's we stopped at the cemetery to visit beautiful Noah. Hallie and I stood there for a bit, carefully touching his things and quietly talking about Noah and I was lost in thought for a few minutes, my heart aching as I thought about the significance of the past few months, and indeed the past ten years for Lisa and Aaron and the boys.

And we visited our own Nev, who will have been gone ten years this coming February. I can still hear him answer the phone with "yabba dabba chappa company, King Chappa speaking" instead of something normal like, 'hello Neville speaking". I used to be embarrassed growing up but I would do anything to hear him answer the phone any way he liked now.

Day 2 - Christmas Day

The kids got up at 5.54am and I sent them back to bed but they obviously disobeyed because I walked into the loungeroom to this...

Santa had been and gone in our house. So much for waiting for Mum and Dad. Mum was in the loungeroom though - as she had slept over Christmas night - good supervising Mum. ;)

Jonty turning the wheels on his new bike.

This is what Flynn got for Christmas so he can go for bike rides too.

The Wheelers arrived for tea and we opened more pressies.

Day 3 - Boxing Day birthday

On Boxing Day, Sarra celebrated her 11th birthday. Jonty was bewildered by a day of more presents and was confused as to why these ones were all for Sarra.

I can't believe my baby girl is now 11. And what a good girl she is, helping out alot with her younger brothers and sisters, sensitive to others feelings and always wanting to do the right thing. I wish I could say she is like this because I am a great mother but I think this is just Sarra. :)

Day 4 - Christmas at Poppy Steve's

As usual the main attraction was rides on the trailer. Even as the kids get older, this never ceases to be any less fun for them.

The weather has been so glorious so even though we had no bathers, the kids went swimming in Pop's dam.

Aunty Maureen, Lisa and Dad

Four days in a row. Eating turkey four days in a row. Opening presents four days in a row. But the best part of all - hanging out with family four days in a row.

It was a little quiet with Jess and Kyle camping in Queensland for Christmas and Collette and Hayden on their honeymoon in Fiji  but the beauty of Christmas is that it comes around every year and so next year as we quietly reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, we can give thanks for all that we have by being in the company of those we love.


Kayla Christie said...

looks like a great 4 days!

The Kings said...

WOW!!!! That's a huge four days. I bet Sarra loves that Christmas is over and then she gets a whole heap more presents :)

Anonymous said...

Totes had friends call and hang up because they thought they'd got the wrong number! I use to think it was hilarious!

Don't worry Kyle had gastro on Chrissie day so he lOst weight ! I had an awesome Chrissie dinner on my own ;)

Jess x

chris said...

Ahhh - it all looks so Australian! And makes me miss home! Wish we could've been there to celebrate with you all. Maybe next year...