Sunday, December 11, 2011

A showering of food

On Friday night Lisa and I hosted a bridal shower for Collette, the last big weddingish event before the BIG day next Saturday. She had already had her engagement party and a bridal shower in Hobart so now it was time for one more bit of fun up north.

Sorry about the photos - I was having a play with instagram on the iphone.

Collette decided that she wanted a pantry party so her and Hayden could fill their shelves full of yummy food. The guests were asked to bring a recipe with some of the recipe's dry ingredients. Collette joked that they would cook each dish and invite the guest who provided it to come over for tea and see how well she did. (I love the dog (Lucy) here in the pic checking out all the food)

Here are some pics of Collette opening her food pressies. I love the one that provided a cake mix in a packet in case she stuffed up the real recipe. I can't remember who did that one but it was really funny.

Someone even provided samples of their dish. It was hilarious.

Lisa and I had prepared a few games for everyone to play. We had 'What Spice is That' - pretty self-explanatory where you had five spices to sniff or taste (if you were game enough) and you had to guess the name of it. We also played Pass the Parcel which was really funny as some of the questions where like, name your favourite romantic movie or sing a love song. (sorry Lisa Prebble) ;)
Mum got the one where she had to reenact Hayden's proposal to Collette. She made it up of course and said something like, 'you got the ring? Good, let's do it then because I'm sick of people telling me to hurry up". It was a classic and had everyone in fits of laughter.

The last game was one that Emily had thought up by asking Hayden some questions about Collette that we all had to guess what he would have answered. We also had a lucky door prize which was a Body Shop pamper pack for the person whose, wedding or birthdate (if they were unattached) was the closest to Collette's. Mariah won hands down because hers is the exact same date as Collette's. Can't get any closer than that.

After the games we had something to eat. Here is our spread.


And here are our cute little cups with everyone's names on them.

It was lovely to have people there to support Collette and wish her well as she enters this new exciting time in her life.

And I couldn't leave this post without a pic of Flynny who flaked it halfway through the party. Obviously too much fun was going on.

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Collette said...

Thanks for a great night! It was fun! also thanks to everyone from Hayden for all the food, he's loving it!