Monday, December 12, 2011

*8 months*

Today I am eight months old. And it is December so I'm gearing up for yummy Christmas food (via Mum of course). Not much really to report on the milestone front. Pretty much the same as last month. I'm just pretty happy chill-axing. Still in size 00 and about 8 kgs. Will check my height and length next week at my paeds appointment with Hallie. I love that we get to go together and do bloods together. It's not so scary when she shows me how brave she is.

Still no teeth. I'm glad because I hear it is a little painful. Still the same with sleeps. I probably wake 2-3 times a night but Mummy tries to only feed me the once. I can't help it if I enjoy a good cuddle.

I like eating toast and yoghurt and soft potato, carrot and pumpkin, chicken and sucking on watermelon. I really don't like baby food (do you blame me) and will try anything on Mum or Dad's plate but my appetite isn't overly huge so I'm happy to have a few mouthfuls of vegetables or maybe rice and that's about it.

I can sit up though in the shopping trolley like a big boy now.

I'm just really content to sit and watch the world go by. What's the hurry really. All I have to do is dazzle people with my smile and they come to me anyway.

Probably the funnest thing I am doing this month, actually this week, is go to my Aunty Collette's wedding in Melbourne. My brothers and sisters don't get to come but I'm free on the plane so woohoo!! Plus Mum is my milkbar so I kinda need to hang around her. This is a pic of the first time Aunty Collette met me. She's really pretty eh? Can't wait for this Saturday at 12.30pm.

See you next year at 9 months.

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