Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Christmasy weekend

Last weekend being the beginning of December, we started doing some of our annual Christmas activities.

On Friday Westbury PS in conjunction with the local churches, held the annual Advent pageant. I first blogged about our Advent pageants here back in 2007. It is always lovely to start the month off watching the children play out the Nativity scene.


Each class then sang a Christmas carol. You can see Oliver's blonde head here.

Take a mental note as it's not often you see Oliver being an angel. Only joking, my curly headed blondie is on the nice list this Christmas.

I couldn't resist taking a pic of Will in his shepherd's costume. He looks so cute. I reckon he would hate me saying that. ;)

Saturday night we went to our church Christmas party at the Porter's place. They have such a lovely place and although it was a little cold, while the sun was out it was beautiful and we had such a good time. The kids all especially loved a visit from Santa on the back of the tractor.

The kids all then got a hay bale ride  - it was the kind of fun that kids love and never forget.


Our top entertainment of the night had to be the 'Rusty act'. Obviously we are short of entertainment out at Deloraine ward. Leon started by showing us that if you put an apple in your mouth, Rusty the bull, will take it out of your mouth. Here I scooped a pic of Jacob in action 'feeding' Rusty. YUK YUK YUK!!! All the kids loved it though. Screaming in delight as Rusty slobbered all over everyone. Noone else was game enough to have a go at 'kissing' Rusty though.


Some of the more brave of us, then had a little ride on Rusty. The Porters have raised him from a calf so he is really tame. I think he thinks he is human. Kit says he's not interested in hanging out with the other cows and is always wanting to follow them around the farm.

Flynn had a great time hanging out with Chloe who is only three days older than him and having a cuddle with Dell.


Some random shots of the night.

Simon also took the kids for some games and they all got quite competitive playing tug-of-war.

It's nice to get out and have some wholesome fun, the whole Rusty experience aside that is. :)


The Kings said...

How good is it that school does the nativity still! Most schools would be too afraid to do it, in case they offended people! LOVE your angel Oliver :)

the woodwards said...

Bring on Christmas!!