Friday, October 14, 2011

Nearer to Noah

(one of my favourite pics taken by Lisa, which was also on the front of the funeral programme)

Yesterday was Noah's funeral.

As I was driving into Launceston, anxiously checking the sky to make sure the weather was perfect for Noah, I was trying to decide whether the ache in my heart was because I really love his family that were hurting so much, or because I would really miss Noah. I decided that there could not be one without the other. If you knew the Kings, you knew Noah. If you loved the Kings, you loved Noah.

(one of my favourite family shots, taken by Chrish)

It was beautiful and peaceful and such a privilege to have a moment with Noah before the funeral began. I looked around the quiet room, at the faces of his loved ones, saying their soft goodbyes and gently caressing his hair and touching his brow with their kisses and I could not help feeling honoured and humbled by the tenderness in the room. I could not help feeling grateful for the knowledge that when we die, our bodies remain, but our spirit, our soul- the very essence of who we are, lives on. Finally, I could not help but let the tears flow, as I too said my own goodbye to such an amazing boy.

The funeral service was packed with hundreds of people. I was not surprised. It was a testament to the many lives Noah touched (including mine), the many hearts that he softened and the many people who resolved to be better, to do better - because they knew Noah and his family.

Here are a few things that were said that really touched my heart:

Lisa -
I’ve heard others say that when a loved one passes away they felt like there was no colour in the world anymore. After having Noah in our lives I now feel like the world is actually more colourful. I now see the beauty in simple things. He has taught us what is important, what our priorities should be and our family would not be how it is today, without him.

Now it's time to take the very best of Noah, his finest qualities, incorporate them into who you are, make them yours and share them with the rest of the world. In this way, through you, Noah lives on. (this was something a friend told Lisa in the days leading up to the funeral).

Harri -

Noah will be able to 'run, jump, skip and sidestep'

Aaron -

(If you know Aaron well, you know he loves Hawthorn, okay really loves Hawthorn).

"you might think my heroes are Buddy and Hodgie but my real hero is Noah".


What I can remember from Jay's talk is how he was absolutely glowing with pride and love as he wore the biggest smile, talking about his younger brother whom he loves so much.

President Prebble -

'This is very sad, but its not a tragedy' - in reference to the fact that death is not the end, that we have the opportunity to live together forever with our families and loved ones.

After the funeral service, we went to the cemetery. Each child was given a helium balloon to let go altogether. The children were all so enraptured with the bubble machine and watching the bubbles float and sparkle in the sunshine.

They were beautiful colourful balloons and after a prayer was offered by the graveside, they were all let go and the children all called out, 'bye Noah'. I smiled as I thought of Noah's Uncle Daniel, Nan and Pop Triffitt, my Charlotte, Ben and all Noah's other hydran friends watching the balloons rise up to greet them.

I stood for ages watching them fade into the sky, and whispering love and goodbye to one special little boy.

Lisa and Aaron watching the balloons

Oliver had drawn a picture for Noah (Hawthorn colours of course), that he put on top of his coffin. I was touched at the effort and thought Oliver put into it. Children were always drawn to Noah, perhaps they were more in tune with his perfectness than adults, who tend to often be busy and distracted by the world.

Noah had a way of making you stop and reflect for a moment. To slow down and enjoy every moment, to not sweat the small stuff but like his Mum, Lisa says, 'to make the days count'.

If you had the privilege of being nearer to Noah during the past ten years then you will know this :

"You've taught me in your lifetime.....more than I'd learned in mine. And you do, you do, you shine." (quote found here)

Thankyou sweet Noah.


The Kings said...

Beautiful post Simone. I'm so glad you were able to spend some time saying goodbye to Noah before the funeral. It was a beautiful day and even though it was sad to say goodbye to him for a short time, I also felt so happy that we could just celebrate who he was and what he taught us all.
I LOVE Oliver's card for Noah - he would've LOVED it :)

Anonymous said...

just beautiful Simone xoxox
x Chels

Anonymous said...

Thank you Simone for those beautiful words.
What a wonderful tribute to our beautiful boy.
What a comfort that Lisa and Aaron have such amazing friends who loved Noah so much, and can put into words that are so pure and heartfelt.
I am missing him so much, but I will be striving everyday to be the person I need to be to be in his company again.
How I long to see him, running and talking, and talking to his loved ones who would have been there to meet him.
Love Lorraine.