Sunday, October 23, 2011

Run, walk, push, for Noah


Yesterday as I stepped out of the hospital, the most beautiful clear warm blue sky greeted me for our much anticipated walk for Noah in the Run for a Wish Make-A-Wish  fun run. As Lisa said, Noah was putting the good weather on for us. I knew the Examiner had interviewed Lisa and Aaron and the boys about Noah and the fun run but I was so excited to find out they were on the front page.  It's nice to know some famous people. ;)

The fun run was held at Aurora Stadium and they think about 500 people turned up for the event. We had our own Team Noah t-shirts with a picture of Noah on the front and the number 10 on the back. Lisa had helium balloons for us to hold onto ready for releasing altogether at the end of the run. They were beautiful and colourful just like at Noah's funeral.

It was really lovely to see the balloons stretched out along the walk (as some of us were able to walk faster than others. :) and so they were like a beacon as to where our Team Noah were.


Kell, Dave and I were a bit behind the rest of the gang (roadside spills and face plants - don't ask!!) ;) and so as we entered the stadium, we could hear Casey on the microphone announcing Lisa and Aaron King and talking about Noah and saying, 'this is what it's all about' and how they could read about them on the front page of the paper.

As  they crossed the finish line everyone clapped and cheered. We could see it from across the oval and I tell ya, it was a good thing Kell and I were wearing our sunnies because all of a sudden I felt quite emotional and so very proud to be there for Noah. 

I hadn't seen our kids since we started and apparently Sarra came in in 49 minutes, running most of the way. I came in in just under 1hr and 20 but that was okay because everyone got a medal regardless.

You can just see in the LH corner here, next to Pip and Chloe,  Lorraine on her crutches after breaking 3 bones in her foot. We love you Granma.


After our race, we released Noah's balloons and watched as they floated up into the sky. The other competitors cheered and clapped as the balloons were released and it was wonderful to see their support for an amazing little boy and his family.

You can read all about this day on Lisa's blog here  and also see everyone that was there on the day to celebrate one inspirational and gorgeous boy. Maybe next year Noah will want us to run it, like Kayla did in 46 minutes - or maybe I can just push the pram again. ;) 

(photo from Lisa's blog)


Country/City Boy said...

Looks like a very nice day for it, glad you were all there together.

Kayla Christie said...

I def think noah will want you to run it with me! :) such a lovely day! one to remember.

The Kings said...

Thanks for being there with us. We love you all and these last two weeks would've been a lot harder without you all. I know Noah would've loved that we all walked together :)