Wednesday, October 12, 2011

*6* months and my mate Noah

Today I turn 6 months old. Where has that time gone?

I haven't really done much more since the last time we spoke at 5 months. Still just trying bits and pieces of pureed mush, still sleeping okayish, according to Mum but obvious room for improvements there. I'm happy to roll from my back to my tummy and can now get my arms out from underneath me, but am content not to do anything else. Don't even try to get me to sit because I just end up doing face plants. Mum says that's okay anyway because I can do whatever I like in my own time because she just feels blessed to have me.

One thing I did start this week was say "dad dad dad". I am so chuffed.

What's really on my mind this week though, is my beautiful second cousin (I think, or is it first cousin once removed) Noah. He passed away on the 8th of October. I am so grateful I got to meet him when I was still at the hospital, only a few days old........... (do you remember Noah - your Mum had to push your chair past my smelly roommates -it was a bit squishy so lucky your Mum is a good driver-we had a giggle didn't we!!)

Six months isn't very long to hang out but I know that someday I can hang out with him forever. Tomorrow is Noah's funeral, a celebration of his life. And even though I can't talk yet, I can FEEL. And I am looking forward to feeling the powerfulness of Noah's love and the way he touched so many lives with his beautiful presence.

See you at 7 months


Country/City Boy said...

What a lucky boy to have been able to have a cuddle. xoxo

Bride said...

6 months already... wow! such an adorable little guy! will be thinking of you all tomorrow! x