Monday, August 22, 2011

What would you wish for.......

Today is the 22nd of August, exactly 2 months until the 6.4 km Run for a Wish fun run on Saturday, October 22nd at Aurora Stadium.

The money is being raised for the Make A Wish Foundation which grants wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

A very special friend of mine, Noah King, went on a Make A Wish trip to Queensland with his amazing Mum and Dad, Lisa and Aaron, and their boys back in 2006.

Noah recently celebrated his 10th birthday and you can see from his birthday photostory how much he is blessed with a family that loves him dearly.

Noah is not only blessed with a family that loves him so much but he also works to bless the lives of those around him. Noah helped me get through a tough time last year when we lost Charlotte. It's hard to explain and is quite personal but I found that at times when I was seeing Noah, like visiting him in hospital last year or having a chat with him at other times, I felt closer to Charlotte. And I know Noah knew that. And why not, they are second cousins after all. :). Noah, who cannot talk reached out and comforted me in a way that people who talk a mile a minute, (like me) could never have. I would have loved for them to meet, knowing that Charlotte with her extra chromosome would lavish lots of hugs on Noah - and cheekily know he couldn't get away. ;)

But as our life journeys go, Noah got to meet a beautiful second cousin after all, when he came to visit our gorgeous Flynn when he was born in April. (Although Noah looks like he is saying to Lisa here, "Mum get this screaming baby off my ear will you.") :)

So you can't use the excuse that you are too unfit to run 6.4km because you can push a pram like me, or a wheelchair or whatever, as long as you put foot to pavement, it doesn't really matter. Come on board and come for a run or walk. You can register here.

Let's help make the dreams come true for some very beautiful children, or in the words of Noah's Mum, Lisa, when she has described Noah, 'an angel here on earth".


The Kings said...

Beautiful post Simone!! Can't wait to pound the pavement with you!! xxxxx

Bianca said...

Wish I could walk with you guys! :-)

Anonymous said...

Simone, you are an angel here on earth too.
I love you.

brettnkayla said...

I'll be there, haven't started training yet cause i've been sick for ages - better get cracking! see you there

Bride said...

beautiful post simone. such beautiful pictures of you and Noah too