Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No wonder I don't sleep

Flynn hasn't been sleeping very well, feeding 3 hourly 24/7 and cat napping. He goes to sleep easily enough but doesn't stay asleep for long enough. At night however, he does go straight back to sleep after a feed (most of the time) so that is one good thing but then he is awake 2.5 hours later for his next feed. During the day he loves a catnap of about 40-50 minutes every 3 hours.

There are a few different things I am trying to break him out of his catnap cycle so hopefully it will all settle down soon. In the meantime, Jonty is doing his bit to help out........ not. ;)


Kylie's blog said...

Oh they are super cute Simone! I've just bought Carter a Snuggle Me wrap on ebay as he's starting to get out of his dudu wrap. Good luck!

Makayla said...

aw, they're so cute :) Hope you get some sleep soon.