Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Celebrating 63 with HP

On the 16th of July, we enjoyed a lovely day celebrating Mum's 63rd birthday. It just happened to correspond with the opening of Harry Potter 7 part 2 so we all decided to make a day of it.

We decided to come into town 2 hours early to get Hallie and Flynn's bloods done so we could be at the restaurant for lunch with Mum in plenty of time. The best laid plans of mice and men right??

We started off in pathology which I knew wouldn't work because although they are very good down there, they don't have enough experience in doing baby veins. Hallie was done in 5 minutes flat and as usual they commented on how good she was and how they love it when she comes in because she is so good and could show a few of the adults up with how brave she is.

She has definitely improved over the years. She still brings her photostory book that Mum made for her when she was little but now says we need one for Flynn.

Despite me telling them Flynn's best spot is in the back of the hand, they had a go at both arms and looked at the feet. Gee what would a mother know anyway!! :)

We normally go straight upstairs to kids ward but Dr A had said they could do it in pathology. I had already told him that it would be fruitless and they would send us upstairs yet again, like they always did with Hallie when she was a baby, but yet again what do mothers know. :)

After waiting...

And waiting...

And waiting... (how many times can you read a notice board) Note to self - do I need a flu shot? I've never had one? Do they really work?

...we finally got upstairs (where we always normally go anyway) and Flynn and Hallie's paediatrician Dr A did Flynn in 5 mins in the back of the hand, nothing fancy, just breaking off the end of a needle and putting it in the vein and letting the blood drip into the vial. Because this time we were doing plasma renin and 17-hydroxy progesterone, we needed two full tubes and Dr A is really good at doing Flynn's bloods and guess what he said, 'let's go back to the old way of coming straight upstairs to kids ward". I looked at him and smiled. In my head I was thinking, "it took 3 hrs of poking and prodding and waiting to realise that yes, sometimes mothers do know best".

Okay so that did make us late for lunch with Mum for her birthday but Simon left the hospital early and rang me with the menu so it was ready when we arrived.

It was a beautiful restaurant, called Tranquility Gardens, on the way to Legana, overlooking the Tamar River.

After eating a yummy lunch we went for a walk around the gardens at the restaurant.

This is a gorgeous photo Simon took of Em and Flynny

I love this one Simon got of Collette and Hayden, like he was the paparazzi hiding behind a hill.

Then to the best part of the day.........HARRY POTTER. We have been going to see HP every time a new one has come out, for the past TEN years. It has been a tradition and we were very excited to see the last one. And we were so excited that we were the first ones in line.

It was a little sad though because now we've watched HP for ten years, what on earth are we going to do now!!! I remember reading the first book on Christmas Day 2000. I was 6 days overdue with Sarra (she came on Boxing Day) so there was nothing else to do but read a book and from then I was hooked.

So although the day didn't start off quite the way we planned, we had a beautiful lunch and watched the end of an era in HP. I did also warn Flynn that having not seen any of the other 7 movies, he might not quite get the storyline, so feel free to take a nap. ;)


The Kings said...

Oh poor Flynn. Don't you hate all the waiting downstairs, just to be sent upstairs anyway. Glad you can go straight up now. As for HP - no comment :)

Wheeler Team said...

I LOVE Simon's photos!! The one behind the hill of Collette & Hayden is hilarious! It was a very enjoyable day. Maybe we'll have to do the same thing with Twilight. It must be coming out near someone's birthday???

the woodwards said...

I don't get the whole "HP" thing... but I love your pics!!!!

Nettie's Blog said...

AAAWWWWWHHHHH what a gorgeous feel good warm and fuzzy post ...weell after we got past the needles and the poor little Flynn episode...i bet you wanted to shout and say NO MORE when they ahd tried the first vein and no blood???? i would have!!!!Happy Birthday MUM...

leetai said...

cute blog - mums always know... so did you figure out whether or not you need a flu shot?? ;)

emjay1000 said...

You were very patient with them at the hospital Simone!!!! Poor Flynn! I hate it when they don't listen to mothers! Grrr. I love how you put the date of when you first read The first Harry Potter book. I remember giving Makayla the first one for Xmas when she was 7!!! So that sounds about right!!! Looks like the day turned out ok in the end!!

emjay1000 said...
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