Monday, August 1, 2011

It's time.

Today I returned to the gym.

This little man has created a few extra wobbly bits so I decided it was time to do something about it. Thanks Flynny. :)

I was getting cabin fever anyway and missing my gym buds so tonight I headed in to Thomas' spin class at 5pm.

Cheeky devil changed the playlist to make it harder and boy did we work hard.

Lisa, Thomas, me and Kell.

It was fantastic. I had forgotten how good you feel after doing exercise. I know I am going to pay for it tomorrow, especially when I tackle pump in the morning but it will be worth it, if only to hang with my gym buds again. Hurry home now Woody.

And thanks to Simon for holding the fort at home so I could escape. Flynn was champing at the bit when I got home. :)


The Kings said...

It was SOOOO good to have you back Simone! :) The class tonight was super hard - naughty Thomas! It's going to be so good to have you in the back corner again - you'll have less wobbly bits before you know it (I won't say none as I doubt we will ever get rid of them hey :)

leetai said...

I have so many wobbly bits, my wobbly bits have wobbly bits! Good on you for getting back into it. I'm struggling getting back into the morning workouts and its only been a month for me. If you can do that mega spin class then I should drag my backside out of bed in the morning. Thanks for the motivation!

brettnkayla said...

good on u for getting back into it, you should come and run the launceston run for a wish 6.4km it will be awesome!

Wheeler Team said...

Haha Flynn doesn't look very impressed with you implying the wobbly bits are his doing! Gym on!!! :)

Bride said...

good on you! its great getting back into it, must be great having friends to help motivate you and make it lots of fun