Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wedding reception

Last Friday night, we celebrated Jess and Kyle's wedding reception at the Tailrace Centre. After the wedding and lunch reception in Melbourne, their honeymoon in Phuket and now the Tassie wedding reception, I'm sure after all that, they will be ready for a bit of relaxation.

It was a lovely function room with views over the Tamar River and Ben Lomond beyond but because it was at night, we didn't see any of it but hey during the day setting up for it, it looked beautiful. :)

A few guests....
my cousin Jarrod with his wife Samara and little Jasmine

Lisa Prebble holding Jonty, Simon, Kym and Joe Rogers, Scott Prebble

Sariah and Aaron Bailey, Emily Wheeler, Jonty, and Lizzie PrebbleAfter some mingling we had speeches from Kyle, Bobbie (Kyle's Dad), Mum and a poem from me.

Thanking the bridesmaids.............

Mum had asked me to do a soppy love poem so I pretended to be very serious and started off by saying how much thought I had put in to putting something together that reflected the seriousness and sanctity of the step Jess and Kyle had taken. Jess said she was thinking, 'oh no, I am going to have to plaster a smile on my face and pretend to like this'.

Lisa was thinking, 'wow I have a Helen Steiner Rice book of poems at home that she could have had a look at'.............. ha ha. But then I launched into two limericks, one for Jess and one for Kyle.

There once was a girl called Jess
Who liked to leave her room in a mess
One day she met Kyle, who said, 'why don't you clean up once in a while'
She replied, 'Kyle, stop making me stress'. (performed in whiney voice)

If you know Jess well, her room was always a mess, you couldn't see the floor (although she may deny it).

There once was a guy called Kyle
Who left last year's convention with a smile
He courted our Jess
And fell in love with-yes-her mess
And now they've settled on this beautiful apple isle.

Then we had cake. It was divine. None of this fruit cake with marzipan. Jess was definite in what she wanted and there was not a sultana or plastic chair in sight.

Instead they hired white ottomans for people to sit on and a million helium balloons that were scattered around the room, tied down with a pebble to the floor.

The balloons ended up outside on Jess' car.

The kids got to go down to Kids Paradise for free and be fed down there which I think all the parents loved.

Oliver entertained himself by playing with Collette's phone.

We wish you all the best Jess and Kyle, although Kyle doesn't look quite so sure............


Collette said...

haha love the balloons on the car...was a great night...i'm glad there was no sultanas or plastic chairs;)

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