Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When its cold... we eat

Following on from the wedding reception, (blog post below) on Saturday it was decided to entertain Kyle's family by going on a roadtrip, and seeing as Tassie has some of the best food around, Mum decided to centre the iconic sights around FOOD.

First stop was the Raspberry Farm at 10.30. We were under strict instructions not to eat breaky so the kids were pretty hungry by the time we got there.

It was lovely just to spend some time relaxing and chatting with Bobbie and Jo and Rachael. Jess and Kyle looked tired but it must have been nice to relax and know they didn't have anything else to organise now.

Next stop was Sheffield to see the murals and marble shop. I didn't actually get out of the car because Jonty needed a feed but I could see it blowing a gale and was glad for the excuse not to go for a walk.

After Sheffield, we went to Reliquaire in Latrobe for a look. On to Anver's but too late for lunch and seeing as Bobbie wanted meat, a hot choccie was not going to do the trick so we decided the ETC was the next best option, but not before heading in to the cherry farm and Ashgrove Cheese. By the time we got to the cherry farm, the novelty had worn off in our car and we all stayed in the car while the others went in.

Oliver spent alot of time in Mum's car as he loves hanging out with Nanny so Collette came in our car for some of the trip. We spent the time listening to and singing Michael Jackson songs. Oh the MJ memories!!!

Even though it looked like we ate all day, I realised that night that all I had eaten was a chicken burger at the raspberry farm (I know, not very raspberryish) and a bowl of soup at the ETC, oh I forgot the M&Ms while listening to MJ. But really not much.

The next day being Sunday, after church we headed into the Wheelers for a family dinner with the Andrews and to celebrate Mum's birthday. We had 12 adults and 7 kids. What a feast! As soon as we got there, Hallie dressed up in all Rohan's Hawks gear. Sure you don't want to adopt her Aaron??

Mum's birthday is not until July 14 but on that day she will be whizzing around Disneyland with Cathy Reeve. Mum starts long-service leave this weekend and is off to the good ole US of A for 6wks. You deserve a lovely long holiday Mum.


Collette said...

be glad you didn't get out of the car at sheffield!! "da da da da DA oh"...okay so it's actually "dirty diana no" hahahahaha

Penny B. said...

Roxanne's (my mother-in-law) birthday is July 14 too!