Thursday, July 9, 2009

A mother of four

You know you are a mother of four, when you don't even realise your youngest child, has teeth. Two Sundays ago while at the Websters for tea, Simon comes up to me and says, 'do you realise Jonty has two teeth?' He has been dribbling for months so I had given up on checking to see if any were coming and there they were, two little bottom front teeth, poking through the gums............ oops!

Last night Hallie and I tried to hold Jonty down while Hallie took some shots of his new teeth.

We tried to make him laugh so he would open his mouth, but it was never wide enough.

He gets around by rolling everywhere so it's hard to pin him down for a decent shot, especially if you are small like Hal and the camera looks bigger than you.

I think he thought we were a bit nutty.

In the end Hallie tried to hold him while I opened his mouth with one hand and took a photo with the other.

Only nearly a week late family but I finally got round to blogging Jess and Kyle's reception weekend below.... what happened to 'Marvellous Michael and Munchies' Collette?


Nettie's Blog said...

what a wicked mother you are Simone...fancy not knowing your son has two teeth!!!!!! Just joshing.....funny how those things creep up on you isnt it...guess after no 4 it is all part of getting through the day hey????
if they are all dressed have been fed and have a dry nappy and are happy then you are a good mum and i know YOU are....

The Kings said...

THREE posts Simone!!! You go girl!! Nice to see some blogging happening and those little teeth of Jonty's are soooo cute!

Aimee said...

hehehe. two little teeth, how cute....i could imagine having 4 kids would leave no time to be forever checking teeth (especially when they dribble and are in pain but nothing ever shows!)
great photos of your roadtrip fun.

The Triffitts said...

Yeah, in the end you masteredthe art of taking first teeth photos. At least took you till number four to miss new teeth, you are doing well. With Chloe after those first eight that are up the front, I didn't notice any of the others (and she is number one)

Collette said...

oh yeah!! i forgot that was gonna be my title...dang it that was a good alliteration too!! haha...that last pic of jonty looks HEAPS like oliver!!

Penny B. said...

I didn't realize until Elliott was 3 weeks old that he has a big birth mark on the back of his arm! With 4, you just don't have time to check the details!!