Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ode to Oliver

Today my gorgeous blonde boy turned 4. Who would have thought that this scary looking thing...

would have turned out like this.........

Oliver's requested birthday menu was Jackie's breadsticks.

and chips, chicken and rice with butter. Plus the mandatory fizz that we only have on special occasions.

Now I had to take a photo of the cake I made or my siblings would not believe that I did this. Tammy lent me her Women's Weekly Birthday cake book and this is Robert, or is it Rodney the Robot.

I know I am usually the boring old square cake maker (and while your at it leave it in the tin while you blow out the candles) kind of Mum, but I felt bad that the kids had never experienced a 'real' birthday cake so here it is........ I know miracles never cease!!

Showing off his pressies

Nintendo DS game

Lightning McQueen cup
So here are some things about Oliver that you may or may not know. I can't wait for him to read this when he grows up................

Has always loved baths
Likes to have a good whinge (3 was the new 2)
A typical boy..... the way to his heart is through his mouth

Favourite food is biscuits, any will do.

Loves a good dress-up.

The product of having 2 older sisters.

You know when he is tired with the two in the mouth-1up the nose routine.
Always loves a cuddle
Very curious about things

This is just cute
Has always loved watching television.

Oh that hair - from this.........(Simon had just styled it via the vacuum hose - don't kids love that trick!)
to this................

Loves his brother.
And has always loved his bed - started sleeping through at 3wks and never looked back. Still goes to bed at 6.30pm and never gets up once he is in bed and is asleep within 5 mins.

Oliver you are my hero..............



The Parsons Family said...

awwww, happy birthday big boy! Great post Simone! I love doing the vacuum cleaner hair to my kids too!

The Kings said...

Simone!!!! I'm so impressed with that cake!!! Who would've thought that after the fourth kids you would start making birthday cakes like that!! :)
And is that you with dark hair, or was it just because it was black and white that it looked dark!!?
Can't believe Oliver is four already.

make it perfect said...

impressed simone! the robot cake looks awesome!

oscar always requests jackie's breadsticks as his favourite "meal" and is into robots at the moment too...must be something about the age!

The Triffitts said...

Great cake, I bet Oliver loved it. I don't think the kids will let you get away with a cake in a tin again :)

Collette said...

Can't believe the cake!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVER!! Tried to ring but the party was obviously raging too loud! See you on the weekend...yay:)

Suzanne W said...

Happy Birthday Oliver!! What a funtastic cake, I'm way impressed :)
Loved your trip down memory lane too, so sweet!

Jessica said...

WHAT A Cutie! Love the Piccies DimSim. and LOOVE THE CAKE! how on earth did you manage that?! your like SUPER MUMMY

Penny B. said...

I got a good chuckle out of the photos of Oliver. What a great cake.

Sayers Family said...

What a lovely post Simone. I can't imagine having a four year old...great photos of Oliver and the cake looks excellent. Hope he had a special day.

Nettie's Blog said...

I love that post on Oliver...he is the model boy(well not when the girls dress him up as a fairy!!!!!)I am wondering when he is going to get his own back...just wait until those girls are dating...i wonder what tricks he will play on them????